What is Sci-Hub

the first pirate website in the world to provide mass and public access to tens of millions of research papers

It only takes one Sci-Hub click to get any paper you want. Doesn't matter which country are you from and what university do you attend.

A research paper is a specialised publication prepared by scientists for other scientists to read. Papers are important primary sources for study because they offer extensive descriptions of new findings and experiments, for example.

Total number of papers in Sci-Hub library: more than 87,977,763

Copyright restrictions are now restricting the greatest possible circulation of research articles, as well as other scientific or educational sources. Such regulations essentially stifle scientific progress in human civilization. The Sci-Hub initiative, which began on September 5th, 2011, is upsetting the status quo. Currently, Sci-Hub allows daily access to hundreds of thousands of research publications, thereby circumventing any paywalls or limitations.

Sci-Hub Ideas

Knowledge to all

Throughout the world, we battle inequity in information access. Every person, regardless of their wealth, social class, geographic location, or other factors, should have access to scientific information.

Our objective is to break down any barriers that prevent the spread of information as far as possible in human civilization!

No Copyright

For scientific and educational materials, we call for the repeal of intellectual property, or copyright laws.

Open Access

The functioning of most internet libraries is prohibited by copyright rules. As a result, many individuals are deprived of information, while rightholders gain enormously. The copyright encourages the growth of both informational and economic disparities.

The Open Access movement in research is supported by the Sci-Hub project. Open access, or free to read, research should be published.

Sci Hub Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sci-Hub?

Sci-Hub is about knowledge democratisation: publically funded research should be freely accessible to the public.
Why do large corporations profit from scientific research?
Download papers and freely circulate information using this site. Sci-Hub is a proponent of open access publishing.

What is the total number of papers in Sci-Hub?

The Sci Hub collection currently has 933189871 articles and PDFs.

What exactly is SciHub?

Sci.Hub is a website that provides free access to academic papers and magazine articles. Simply input the DOI of the journal article you want to read into ScienceHub to get a free PDF download.
The service offers free access to journal articles and academic papers. If you want to learn more, these sci-hub mirrors are for you.

The Internet's largest archive of pirated academic literature is Sci Hub. Since its beginning in October 2011, Sci Hub and Library Genesis have made 48 million scientific papers freely available to anybody with an Internet connection.

Is Sci Hub unavailable in India?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Sci-Hub has been blocked in India. However, there are two methods for unblocking Sci-Hub in India:
1. Make Google DNS your primary DNS server.
Here are the options:
How to Configure Google Public DNS
2. Tor. It's available for download. Open Tor Browser and visit any of the scihub sites above, or this Tor-only SciHub link: https://scihub22266oqcxt.onion

You should now be able to access scihub from India.

Is Science Hub unavailable?

sci hub appears to be operational at the moment. If science hub is unavailable, use one of the alternate links listed above, such as whereisscihub. It's conceivable that your internet provider has blocked sci-hub; in that case, a different URL might work.

Is Sci-Hub against the law?

Yes, according to most experts, Sci-Hub is technically illegal. The materials in Sci-Hub, on the other hand, are not illegal; they are academic articles. No one has ever received a fine or penalty as a result of utilising Sci-Hub.

How can I get free articles?

1. Go to Sci-Hub
2. Type in the article’s DOI in the search field
3. The article will be downloaded for free

Who runs SCI Hub?

Alexandra Elbakyan launched Sci-Hub in 2011 in reaction to the exorbitant cost of research articles behind paywalls.